'PollyannaR is fast developing a reputation as Australia's breakthrough photographer, creating some of the world's longest photographs at 41 metres long with her revolutionary "line them up and shoot them down" black-and-white style.'

Born in 1989 in rural Victoria, PollyannaR spent the first 15 years of her life illiterate. Due to her severe dyslexia, reading and writing is still an almost impossible task that she struggles with on a day-to-day basis. At age 16, she started taking photos of all the wonderful, complicated and beautiful people she noticed in everyday life that she could never put a pen to paper to write about.

The BIG Picture concept evolved in her parent's garage through photographing portraits of families who couldn't all be (or who didn't all want to be) in the studio at the same time. The white background allows her the freedom to shoot anyone at anytime and anywhere in the world so to join everyone together in one portrait. Her method is now being used to help create awareness for causes like organ donation by showing that there is always a human face behind the statistics and facts, giving insight into the lives of the people photographed. PollyannaR's work is about channeling and recording the power of the collective consciousness to heal our communities and our planet Earth.

As The BIG picture takes on a world of its own, her life's work continues in Gippsland from her new kickass main street studio, recording family histories and creating a catalogue of the human condition for generations to come.