Grace Ware

Grace Ware

Artist Statement

Grace Ware is a self-taught local artist from Traralgon who displays a surrealist and quirky flair in her work. Her artwork explodes with bold detail through line work and tone giving life to her offbeat and eccentric characters. Grace paints how she feels using her distinct band of characters and symbolism. It is through her grungy inspired style and thought evoking graphics which makes Grace a distinctive young artist emerging from the Valley.

Grace stands by the words of Frida Kahlo “Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe, where you were ‘sure’ of finding shirts”. Her aim for each artwork is to intrigue and surprise her audience, using her subject matter and the materials she uses as a tool to create conversation. Grace courageously pushes herself to avoid displaying her art on the traditional canvas or frame, she believes that by displaying her work on an array of different surfaces (such as denim, state decks, collages and t-shirts) will keep her viewers on their toes, giving them something else to look at.

Grace takes inspiration for her artworks from a lot of aspects of the surrealist movement and her imagination. No matter what inspiration Grace gathers or the subject matter that she chooses to portray, she always feels the need to tell a story or portray a feeling in all of her pieces. She aims to display the feelings that she perceives through the physical piece itself. Grace believes that the vibe and feeling seen in her artwork can be understood in many different concepts, without knowing her own explanation for them to comprehend it. She feels that her work can mean something different to everyone, even if it doesn’t mean the same to her. If it gets people thinking and talking that’s all she could ask for. 

Grace is passionate and full of blooming ideas for the next step in her artistic growth through her further studies in fine arts at Monash. Grace continues to expand on her skills and continues to enhance her creativity, encouraging herself to step out of her comfort zone and go for it. She is a rebellious and ungovernable artist who invokes positive energy and triggers the minds of the traditionalist and the conventional. Full of youthful grunge she is in pursuit to visually entertain and create pieces that exude a kind of infectious optimism that is powerful and enthusiastic to her audience. As a long term member of the Alt Art community she is super stoked to put herself out in the artist world and continue to share what she loves to do.