Not for Granted Part 2.

Not for Granted Part 2.



So the Grant Applying process is pretty straight forward for Regional Arts Victoria (RAV). You jump on their website, follow the steps and you'll find yourself at Smarty Grants. It seems simple enough, until you begin looking at each Step.

You've got to read through it all carefully and really sit down and think about your Idea/ Project. And not just in some abstract round about way, or the Over all 5/10 Year plan that you hope to work towards completing.

You've got to look at that the next 6-12 Months. And really Think about what you want to do, where you want to go, and at the End, what you hope to have learned from it all. And whilst you're thinking about that, really putting the Idea/ Project down in a way that can be understood.

But not just simply understood, you need to convey passion, excitement, confidence and understanding on your own part. Whilst keeping it clear and to the point. Thankfully my process of communicating an idea is pretty straight forward.

1. Have an Idea/ Plan/ Project/ Goal
2. Empty everything of that idea, onto a blank piece of paper or canvas.
3. Then read through it, looking for consistent themes, trains of thought, overall outcomes.
4. Then take those Themes and work on them, keeping it to 1-3 Overall Themes.
5. Then write something around those themes, Still with your Idea/ Goal/ Plan in mind. And how those themes tie in and will achieve said Idea/ Plan/ Goal.
6. Once you're done, let someone else look at it! If someone else can understand it and get excited about it too, then you're on track. (If not, go back and try again!)
7. Spell Check it, Double Check it, Triple Check it, take it to someone else to Proof read it!
8. At some point have a nervous break down, because you're not sure and doubts. Then take the Doubts, tie them to balloons and cast them away.
9. Do last minutes checks on everything! The night before, the day before the deadline!
10. Submit, and Forget! Switch off and just let it go! You just took a major step forward in your artistic career! You got this!

Now, I'm just going to chill out, relax and unwind. Maybe I'll get my grant, maybe I won't. But I did it! And that is something to be proud of!