A Vision and a Challenge.

A Vision and a Challenge.



Alt(ernative) Art, was just an idea in the early stages. Between myself and Sarah, we had come to the realization that despite our backgrounds. We both had a very limited and frustrating education into what the Art Community was like, or even how to get into it.

We were looking at a daunting landscape, with no idea where to start, or how to start. So we set about coming up with a way, that others like ourselves, wouldn't have to stare blankly at this harsh landscape. We'd help them to find that starting point, help them take the first steps.

Within time, we had attracted a collection of people, from different disciplines, skills, styles and back grounds. But Alt Art needed a hand and with the aid of Joh, Sarah applied for Alt Art to be entered into the Vichealth Community Challenge.

We refined the Alt Art Idea, began formalizing it and creating a solid foundation, For us to build on. The Vichealth Community Challenge was an intense number of weeks of Workshops, designed to establish and develop an idea into a sound business.

It gave us the Tools and the Understanding on how to push forwards, it also gave us enough start up to establish this Website, Imaging and other odds and ends to give Alt Art a face. The Workshops eventually progressed to a Speech to the Community (Presented by Sarah.). And much community involvement in the end.

With what we learned, we spent the rest of 2016 getting things into place for 2017. With the intention of evolving beyond what we've already established, by engaging more Artists and more members of the Community.

Alt Art hosted its first Group Exhibition, which was a brilliant success and participated in ReActivate Latrobe Valley's Winter Night Festival. Using these events as basis for 2017's program.

With the beginning of 2017 the Website was established and finalized. And through Vichealth's generosity, Alt Art has begun the New Year, with a bang in its step. With the Goal of reaching out to Young and Emerging Artists, to help them create their own success. 

Already Events are lined up for the first quarter of the year, with the next quarter already in the planning stages. Events like the Constellation Exhibition, Funding Talks, Solo Exhibitions and more. Alt Art is building for the future, looking to create a beautiful and stunning addition to the community both Public and Artistic.