Written in the Stars.

Written in the Stars.



On the 25 of February, 2017. Alt Art played Host to Amazing Talent, Inspirational VIPs and Some Wonderful Positive Vibes. Steph Shield's opened her Solo Exhibition Un-, Experimental, Brilliant and Mesmerizing in its simple complexity. The Members of Alt Art, placed their work and themselves in the lime light as well.

Live music was playing outside, Ian's installation and Steph's Projection playing inside. The Wine, Beer and Food were passed around freely, adding to an already electric and exciting atmosphere. As a surprise and exciting addition Bryce Ives, spoke to the masses, adding to the positive and uplifting vibe of the crowd.

Steph's Solo Exhibition, Un- was brilliant, many found themselves staring at the walls, roof and even floor. Observing and commenting on the space and what Steph had accomplished with it. Even the allure of paint fumes, helped to heighten the experience. And the Projection, down the corridor, had many looking up and watching with rapture.

The works on display came from a variety of artists, displaying many different styles, interpretations and mediums. From Grace Wares "Taurus" on a Vintage Denim Vest, to Sapphira Rose's paintings on Canvas, Teagan Barnstable-Dunn's Digital art and Ian "Gumby" Mitchell's Installation. It was a delight to have them in the Space.

As Director of Alt Art, I was so proud of the unity, community and pride that our guests displayed. And Made even prouder, by the sale of Teagan's Work to a Patron. The lead up to the night was one filled with excitement, some grey-hair moments and sheer Kickass attitude displayed by the team!

We at Alt Art are looking forward to our next "Sunflower" Themed Show!

Photo By: PollyannaR The Big Picture Photographer.  Back: Bryce Ives, Grace Ware, Blue Man, Ian "Gumby" Mitchell, Steph Shields, Joh Lyons. Front: Jacqueline Slavin, Teagan Barnstable-Dunn.

Photo By: PollyannaR The Big Picture Photographer.

Back: Bryce Ives, Grace Ware, Blue Man, Ian "Gumby" Mitchell, Steph Shields, Joh Lyons. Front: Jacqueline Slavin, Teagan Barnstable-Dunn.

The (25/02/2017) Day, 12:00pm: It was not a normal day. I'd spent the week preparing myself emotionally and physically for it, attempting to ignore the little "What If"s and the little demons of doubt. The Gallery was painted, Joh and Steph had done everything they could to advertise the night. Really there was nothing left to do, but Bump the work in. But I was still anxious.

Rewind To (21/02/2017) Tuesday, The Alt Art crew had gotten together, bumped out the old Display and began the task of patching up all the holes and cleaning things up. Wednesday was spent sanding everything back, giving the walls of the Gallery a fresh lick of paint and detailing. It was a daunting task, made easier and quicker by the aid of The VRI and its Crew. Thursday was more of the same and Friday was minor house keeping and last minute confirmations.

Back to (25/02/2017) The Day 01:00pm: I decided to experiment with Body Paint, in preparation for the night. My first time with the stuff, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I applied it on in a extremely rough mix of Black and Blue to simulate a night sky, and it'd blend in with my attire for the night. Doing both arms wasn't hard at all, what I hadn't counted on though... was that The Body Paint never dried.

As time wore on, I wished, prayed, promised and begged for the stuff to harden. But it was not meant to be, I couldn't touch anything without leaving behind dark Black/ Blue Smudges everywhere. Eventually I scraped my palms clean, but even then my stained finger tips left behind little finger prints everywhere! (And don't get me started on the joints.)

Eventually the crew arrived, Thankfully early, due to a minor mix up with the start time. But it was okay, they were excited and interested. The Food was being prepped, Ian began installing in his space, Steph was finishing the last minor things and I was standing well out of the way to avoid painting anyone or the walls, or my clothes, or touch anything.
I dashed back to get changed, but realized that I had a white tie and extremely wet paint hands. With Finger Tips on the wheel and Tie in my mouth, I made it back.

I got a hand from Jane with my tie, and if I could, I'd have beaten my finger nails as the deadline fast approached. With Flare, Spunk and Can-Do attitude, Pollyannar arrived to save the day! Within moments the team was fired up and everything was Bumped (Smashed!) up onto the walls and we were ready with 4minutes to spare! Perfectly timed!

06:00pm, We opened the doors to be washed over by Support, Excitement and Positive Vibes! I did my best to avoid painting our guests, but soaked in the atmosphere like a sponge. It was Alive! Electric! and Promising! The Whirlwind of energy was enthusiastic, unity and passionate! Everything had come together, with the strength and will of the team behind it.

The night whirled on, Everyone engaging with one another, coming together to appreciate a terrific night. People were talking, discussing, laughing and smiling with one another. Pollyannar Documented the night, with the energy of a Sugar-Amped Child with free reign of Charlie's Chocolate Factory. At times she appeared to be in multiple places at once, Dancing through the teams of people, Camera in hand.

We'd done it, I was proud to see people talking with the Artists and taking the time to appreciate and admire the art work. I wasn't able to touch anything or anyone, but I did find time away from my wall to interact and talk with some of the Guests. It was a truly an encouraging and upbeat atmosphere, and the night didn't stop, It extended well past the Opening night and late into the evening.  

I'm so Proud of our efforts, I'm already planning my next costume!