On the 1st of April, we held the #GetSunflowered Exhibition! It was wonderful to receive contributions from far and wide. 

This was our second group exhibition of the year, and we were very excited. It was an overwhelming engagement of the artistic community. The word was spread, from the heart of Gippsland to the Far Shores of Lakes Entrance, Yinnar and even *Drum Roll* Queensland.

Work poured in, and I mean POURED! if it rains cats and dogs, this was a drenching shower of art! The amount of interest generated was astounding, with such varied and different views on "Sunflowers".

Comments from the day ranged from desires to speak with the artists, inquiries about commissions and prints. Even people remarking on the creativity of the talent that exists across the Valley. Remarks on the the imagination of every artist and how they interpret #GetSunflowered.

In addition to the brilliant collection of art, there was PollyannaR with her camera in hand. She captured smiling Sunflowers, as part of the sunflower booth! (painted by Grace Ware)

The day was made all the more special by the culinary skills of Jane Darling, a member of 'Serving the Valley', there wasn't a single empty belly in the place!

Our next show! Reactive Latrobe Valley's Winter Night Festival!

I'll give you a hint about it's theme, "Think Warm!"