Not for Granted.

Not for Granted.



After having Tim Dakin from Regional Art Victoria visit (Thanks Tim). The guys at Alt_Art got a bit of a better understanding on who and what RAV does. Which is great and at the same time, opening a fresh can of interesting worms.

I've personally never applied for a Grant, or Funding, or in general asked for someone to give me personally money. Especially for help with Visualizing, Defining and Refining an Idea into Reality. So where did I start?

Even more so, I've never had to actually sit down and explain my Thoughts. To anyone! let alone a group of strangers, whom I've never met, who judge where and when to spend precious resources. Daunting is one word I'd use to describe it.

But also oddly exciting, I get to show more people my thoughts and I need to sell myself in a way I've never done so before. Selling a product is easy, selling an Idea though... that is tricky as hell. And so I've begun the process of applying for a "Toe In the Water" Grant.

Its pretty straight forward, head on over to RAV.NET.AU and have a browse around. Then follow the links Under Funding Opportunities and head to SmartyGrants.

When you first start, it looks pretty straight forward, simple even. But not so much, as I delved deeper, I began having to question and think more and more on my Concept/ Idea. And how to squish all the nonsense out of it and condense it into a Riveting, Informative, Accurate and Confident series of blocks.

And at other times, having to expand on something because, a single line of text just didn't do it justice. Or simply wasn't enough, that is lacked vital components to it. So far I'm still attempting to nut it out, make it compelling, without being too over the top.

But of course, then there is the whole "What are you going to do, with this generosity."... Well, I... Uh oh. There is a lot more than just selling the Idea, but how, when and where are you going to Make the Idea a reality and use how do you plan on using the Grant to make it to that point... Where its no longer an idea, but Real.

To Be Continued