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This form is to help the Alt_Art team to know what you want and need for your Solo Show. At this time a Solo Show is held in what we call the "Right-Lung", which you'll be shown upon your first meeting as we help to plan your show.

A Representative will be in contact with you, after this form has been completed and submitted. To organise an appropriate time to go over the Cost, Details and Finer points of having your show in the Lung. As well as answer any questions you may have. 

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You hereby understand: That The VRI's Hall and Gallery Foyer are commercial places and open to the public. That The VRI and Alt_Art are volunteer projects and are providing a space for local Artists to display their work. That The VRI and Alt_Art are not liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction that may or may not occur whilst works are on display in the public Gallery space. That by completing and/ or submitting this submission form, you acknowledge the above and will not seek any form of legal action against The VRI, its associates and Alt_Art. Should work be lost, stolen, damaged or destoryed whilst at The VRI or whilst on Display in the Gallery Foyer. Alt Art takes 30% commission from all sales, made through the Gallery Space, Events and Exhibitions. A Representative will be in contact with you, about your Solo Exhibition. To organise a Face to Face meeting with Alt Art Event organisers. In order to go over the finer details and explain cost and planning for your Solo Exhibition

Please Note: 

All information entered is confidential and will not be sold, traded or redistributed to 3rd parties. Your personal information will only be used by Alt_Art to contact you in regards to your submissions, works sold, collection and for E-Newsletters, created and published by Alt_Art.